Halfords offers customers free brakes for life

Halfords offers customers free brakes for life
Halfords offers customers free brakes for life

Halfords has launched a new promotion that it says will help slow the rising cost of motorist by offering customers free brake components for life.

Under its Brakes4Life deal, once you have brake pads or shoes fitted at a Halfords Autocentre, the company will give you free replacement pads or shoes for as long as you drive.

The offer even remains valid if you change your car.

The deal doesn’t apply to the more expensive components such as discs or callipers but Halfords still reckon it could save drivers up to £1,600 over their lifetime as well as encouraging them to keep their cars well maintained.

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One-off payment

Bob Masters, Halfords Autocentres brakes expert said: “With fuel prices and insurance costs driving up the cost of motoring, our Brakes4Life initiative offers motorists unprecedented value for money and peace of mind.

“A one-off payment guards against future unexpected brake related costs.

“Driving with worn brakes can increase your stopping distance, while letting the brake pads wear all the way to the wear indicator may mean your brake discs need to be replaced too.”

brake pad
Worn pads can quickly cause damage to other brake components and put your safety at risk. (Picture: Shutterstock)

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Safety issue

According to 2017 data, faulty brakes were the main cause of road accidents by vehicle defects in the UK, blamed for 570 crashes.

They were also the cause of 17 per cent of all MOT failures last year, the third biggest cause after lighting and suspension issues.

Brake pads and shoes are among the most frequently replaced parts of a car but new research from Warranty Direct found that beside those that caused an MOT fail, a third of cars (34 per cent) are being driven with brakes that warrant an advisory note on an MOT.

The warranty firm warns that driving with brake lining or pads less than 1.5mm thick could become dangerous quickly, as brake rotors can become warped or cracked.

halfords autocentre
The deal is being offered at more than 300 Halfords Autocentres> (Picture: Shutterstock)

Simon Ackers, CEO of Warranty Direct commented: “The  high number of advisory issues  indicate a large proportion of drivers are taking potential, unnecessary risks when it comes to vehicle safety.

“Ignoring or leaving advisory issues for too long could lead to serious accidents and high repair costs for drivers.”

Free brake check

As part of the Brakes4Life campaign, Halfords Autocentres are also offering free brake inspections. These check all components in your car’s brake system including brake pads, shoes, callipers, hoses and handbrake linkages.

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