Jobs created at new office venue

The Home Office in Pennyroyal Court.
The Home Office in Pennyroyal Court.

Jobs are being created at a new office venue in Hertfordshire set up to help entrepreneurs get new enterprises off the ground.

Based in Tring and called The Home Office, it offers fully serviced workspaces for individuals and small businesses.

But managers are also looking to recruit staff to run the premises.

There are vacancies for maintenance, reception, concierge and HR staff to keep the building running smoothly.

The Home Office is based in Pennyroyal Court, next to The Court Theatre on Station Road, and has just undergone a major refurbishment.

Daisy Evans, director, said: “We’re really proud of the renovations we have made.

“It’s such a beautiful historic building, we have complimented this with a fresh and comfortable working environment.”

She added: “The local area is crying out for working laptop space.

“I intend to grow a like- minded and vibrant working community here. 

“We won’t be homing competitive businesses, which will present lots of opportunities.

“The Home Office aims to attract a community of like-minded businesses that do not directly compete, therefore supporting each other with potential growth opportunities.

“But in order to achieve this harmonious environment, members will need to apply and will be offered space on a first come, first served basis as long as their business activities fit well alongside neighbour offerings.”

Pennyroyal Court is owned by David Evans, the chairman of global performance improvement company Grass Roots Group and is home to his social enterprise and start-up operations.

The building is so large, he decided to offer serviced office facilities to local businesses.

Daisy Evans added: “The cost of commuting into London could be significantly reduced for those who decide to base themselves closer to home.”