Gabriella aims to be a Flying Inspiration

Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel
Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel

ITALIAN-born Gabriella Guglielminotti Trivel, 45, pictured, lives in Berkhamsted, running a business called Flying Inspiration, and organising workshops for women called “Flying Solo I” to share her knowledge about the menstrual cycle and help women to feel great in their body and become their own authority in their life. Here, we find out what makes her tick.

What are your business qualifications?

I have a degree in languages from Turin University, an Interpreter Diploma from the European School, an NLP Master Practitioner certificate.

Do you think business leadership can be taught or is it something that comes from a natural instinct?:

Business leadership is strictly related to personal leadership, your business is the extension of yourself, so if you behave like a leader privately and personally you will also do that as a business.

Partly it can be a spontaneous instinct and partly it is learnt like all other skills we learn in life. Leadership to me means being yourself and totally aware of who you are and what you do and as a consequence of that not compromising with circumstances and the surrounding world.

What is the name of your main business and what does it do?:

My business is called Flying Inspiration and for the time being is just me. I do workshops and personal sessions with women to help them understand how their menstrual cycle works, how it influences their body, mind and emotions. I open them up to a different awareness, the female awareness that is still a taboo in our society and has been repressed for centuries.

I also help men understand what happens to a woman during the month and how they can use this knowledge to improve their relationships with women, either being their partner, spouse, daughters, colleagues, etc.

Where would you like the business to be in 10 years time?

I can easily see myself holding my workshops all over the world to help women feel empowered and good in their body, the world needs happy women who can inspire men and who can create a peaceful environment for the future generations.

The actual working environment in general is still very much male focused and male dominated in our society and, it is showing more than ever before, all its cracks and faults. It is time to dream something new and more conducive to create a happier environment for the benefit of men and women.

What positives can you extract from current economic conditions?

The current economic condition is showing that we need to be more authentic and be more human friendly, if we want to evolve as a society, otherwise we will eventually colapse like many civilisations did before ours. Profits don’t necessarily mean more working hours, unfair competition, dishonesty and polluting the environment, we can make a profit and be successful by being cooperative, generous, socially caring and environmentally friendly.

What motivates you to get up in the morning and go to work?

Making a difference in the world, help people to be more aware of who they are and see a different way to live life by respecting themselves and others. Doing my absolute best to reinstate harmony on the Planet and cooperation between the genders. Help men be more men and women be more women by respecting each other and their differences.

What is the most important thing in life and why?

To me the most important thing in life is discovering who I am, what I am here for and allowing my instinct/ inner guidance to guide me to be me and use my skills every day in my work.

At what age do you aim to retire and what will you do after that point?

I am not planning to retire, but be myself and fulfil my life purpose till the end, if there is an end ...

What is the most important thing you learned at school?

I enjoyed philosophy because it triggered new thoughts in my mind and I started questioning life and its ultimate meaning. I also enjoyed learning foreign languages, because they allowed me to communicate with more people and move to a different country as I did 14 years ago, when I moved to UK. I studied English, French, German and Arabic.

What extra subject should be placed on the curriculum?

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) because it helps people to question, investigate, reframe, be at cause of what they choose, do and experience in life. It provides simple and effective tools to manage one’s life and one’s experiences much better, it is very empowering.

What percentage of your success is inspiration?

Naming my business Flying Inspiration my success can only be the result of it.

Everything we decide to do in life is caused by some inspiration, be it a person, a natural phenomenon, an event, some knowledge, thought or vision.

I would say that my success is 70 per cent inspiration.

What percentage of your success is perspiration?

I would say 30 per cent is perspiration, but by being smarter rather than just working harder which is not alway so obvious ...

Who is your inspiration in business and why?

John Demartini is my inspiration, he is a speaker, philosopher, business man, visionary, philantropist, millionaire, he is a very committed leader/person. I never met anybody so clear about his mission and so committed to it like him.

What time do you get up on a working day?

If I don’t have meetings, workshops or sessions scheduled for the day I allow myself to wake up naturally which varies according to the time I go to bed the previous night; I am a night owl, so I tend to go to bed very late. If I have meetings, etc. scheduled for the day then I tend to be up at 7/7.30, unless I have to travel far, then it could be any time of the morning/night.

How do you switch off and relax?

I go for walks in the countryside, I swim, I do yoga and I fly gliders.

How do you measure business success?

By how motivated I am on a regular basis and what is the feedback I get from people I interact with.

Where does your confidence come from?

From my inner calling, from realising that the person I am today is the result of certain knowledge and skills that I acquired on my life journey and that I want to share with the world.