Can you find the Perfect Match?

Perfect Match, the first of three world premieres commissioned for Watford Palace Theatre’s innovative Ideal World Season, opens this week.

By Anne Cox
Monday, 23rd September 2013, 11:00 am
Perfect Match. Photo by Robert Day.
Perfect Match. Photo by Robert Day.

Each of the plays offers a response to the impact of the digital world on our lives, exploring themes such as love, identity, body image and morality in relation to the rapid technological changes to our culture.

Perfect Match is a wise, warm and very funny comedy by Gary Owen (Mrs Reynolds & the Ruffian and We That Are Left), that asks if it’s possible to find our perfect partner, or whether we’re better off leaving it to chance.

Joe and Anna have been together for nine years, and as far as he is concerned will stay together for another ninety. But Anna panics the minute they set a date for the wedding.

A new dating agency promises to scan the online persona of everyone in the world, guaranteeing to find your soul mate. Anna looks at Joe and wonders – can he really be her perfect match?

Said Gary: “Some time in 2009 I read about a rather odd experiment. Scientists had put a few dozen strangers in a room, let them look at each other but not speak, and then asked each participant if they had found themselves attracted to any of the others.

“When these scientists analysed the DNA of the participants, they discovered people tended to be attracted to people who were quite genetically different from themselves. Apparently this makes sense, in evolutionary terms – it means we’re more likely to breed with people who don’t share our bad genes.

“The thought that there might be a scientifically basis for the magical moment when eyes meet across a crowded room stuck in my head. Because if science can figure out what makes us fall in love with someone, then doesn’t that mean it could figure out exactly who we’re going to fall in love with?

“And say that happened. Say scientists crack the code for love, and can tell each of us who we’re programmed to love. Great news if you’re single – but what if you’re already with someone? And what if – like most relationships – yours isn’t perfect?

“You fight. You wind each other up. You maybe, once in a blue moon, wonder if you picked the right person.

“Ordinarily you might have carried on, content enough with your less than perfect partner. But say that changes. What if the chance is there to find someone exactly suited to you - what do you do?

“Soldier on with second best – or brutally dump your partner, and try to find your perfect match?

“Once I had that question, I knew I had a story.”

Perfect Match runs until October 19. For tickets visit or call the box office 01923 225671.