Nickelodeon teams up with Age UK Dacorum for new TV show Goldie's Oldies

The partnership will help encourage healthy eating amongst the elderly

Friday, 12th March 2021, 4:25 pm

Nickelodeon UK has teamed up with Age UK Dacorum as part of their new show, Goldie's Oldies, which celebrates intergenerational relationships.

Goldie's Oldies revolves around the life of teenager Goldie - played by Imogen Faires - whose life is turned upside down when her family move from the U.S. to England to live with their Grandpa Maury and his ‘70 something’ roommates.

As the importance of intergenerational relationships is central to Goldie's Oldies, Nickelodeon UK set out to encourage improved nutrition amongst the elderly community in Dacorum.

Brian and Wendy received a blender

Working with Age UK Dacorum, Nickelodeon UK donated Magic Bullet blenders to residents in Dacorum.

Through the joint funding - along with other partners - of Age UK Dacorum's upcoming nutrition club and donation of blenders to the elderly for easy meal prep, Nickelodeon UK hopes to kickstart improved healthy eating in their community.

Research from the British Nutrition foundation, suggests older people in the UK, especially those living in institutions, have been found to have low intakes and/or low blood levels of a range of micronutrients.

Good nutrition is a key factor to combat this and actively contributes to the improvement of oral and dental health, and bone and joint health in later life.

Brian and Wendy watching Goldie's Oldies

David Pearce, chief executive at Age UK Dacorum, said: “Not having the strength to prepare healthy meals is a huge problem because retirement, bereavement and ill health can mean many older people find they are spending a lot more time alone and need to be able to prepare food themselves.

“Nutrition is vital to physical and mental health.

"Working with Nickelodeon UK as a charity partner for their brand-new show Goldie's Oldies will hopefully help to raise even more awareness of the issue.

"In addition to this, the blenders they’ve donated to Dacorum locals and to be used in our first ever nutrition school will be a big help to the community.”

Pete Elsworth, chair of Age UK Dacorum Trust, gratefully receives the blender to be used for at the nutrition club

The new series which launches on Monday, March 15, at 5.30pm on Nickelodeon, celebrates the connections made between young and old and what we can learn from each other.

For more about Age UK Dacorum and the multiple services they offer to the elderly and their carers within this local community, visit:

Goldie's Oldies launches on Monday