Staffordshire Bull Terrier ordered to be destroyed after vicious attack which killed beloved cat

Martin and Vivienne Teakle with children Shannon, 18, and Jamie, 13

Martin and Vivienne Teakle with children Shannon, 18, and Jamie, 13


The owner of two dogs which mauled a family’s beloved cat to death has been sentenced in court for allowing her animals to be dangerously out of control.

Emma Boyer, 39, of Vauxhall Road, Hemel Hempstead, pleaded guilty to the offences and was fined £110.

She was also ordered to pay £595 in compensation to the Teakle family, whose pet was savagely killed by the two Staffordshire bull terriers on the driveway of their own home back in May.

Dad Martin, 39, was also bitten during the attack, as he tried to save poor puss Tumbelina. His wife Vivienne, 35, and children Shannon, 18 and Jamie, now 13, watched in horror from their car.

One of Boyer’s dogs was ordered to be put down under the Dangerous Dogs Act, as St Albans Magistrates believed the animal could be a danger to the public. She must also contribute £200 towards the animal’s destruction.

The court ordered the second dog must be kept under control by being muzzled and on a lead when in a public place, and should be securely kept in Boyer’s garden. The owner is not allowed to walk the dog in the Teakles’ road – White Hart Drive – where the frenzy took place.

A dog expert’s report was read aloud in the hearing, which determined that the dogs continued to bite Martin, despite numerous attempts to prevent the attack.

The animal-loving family, who have two other cats and three dogs, ensured a ‘post-mortem’ type examination was carried out on Tumbelina prior to the court case, to gauge the full extent of her injuries.

It was found she had bite holes on her head and punctures to her chest and abdomen. The vet described evidence of a ‘brutal attack’, while the family says their cat’s fur, claws and scratch marks were found outside their home following Tumbelina’s death.

For the Teakle family, the sentence brings justice to the dogs’ owner for the death their much-missed pet.

Martin said: “All animals have got feelings, and none of them deserve to be ripped to pieces by dogs like that.

“The rules on dangerous dogs need to change – nothing would have happened if we didn’t fight for this hearing.

“It could just as easily have been one of my children. They could have been mauled.

“We are happy with the result, but nothing will bring Tumbelina back.

“It was like losing a child – Tumbelina was the most loved animal. She had her own ways, and was very loving.”




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