Police track stolen iPad with app

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An iPad that was stolen from a Hemel Hempstead home on Monday has been recovered by police officers using an app installed on the device.

Burglars broke into the garage of the house in Belswains Lane and used garden shears to get into the house through the patio doors.

They stole jewellery and an iPad but police officers managed to find the tablet dumped nearby in bushes in Guinery Grove, Hemel Hempstead.

Hertfordshire Constabulary has been promoting mobile device tracking apps because they can help combat thefts and recover stolen items.

Officers have software to track suspected stolen mobiles that have tracking apps installed. DI Paul Doran said: “If owners report thefts quickly enough there’s a great chance of getting their mobile device back and for us to catch the perpetrators before they have a chance to dispose of any evidence.

“If you have a tablet or smart phone I would recommend you install the tracking application available for that device. It can help to recover lost or stolen items, and also acts as a deterrent to thieves who are becoming aware that they can be tracked and caught if they steal one of these devices. This technology could also help in tracing missing persons, and we would urge families with vulnerable members to securely record their account details which are required to activate the app.”