Voice of the Paper: ‘Robin Williams was a man like no other, yet so like us all in his vulnerability’

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There are few people in the world who can transform themselves into so many guises, yet remain so distinctive you’d still recognise them instantly.

Robin Williams was one such person – whether dressed in drag as the side-splittingly funny Mrs Doubtfire or assuming the persona of a deeply disturbed, obsessive stalker in One Hour Photo, he brought to each of his wildly differing roles a uniqueness unrivalled by any other Hollywood great.

Gazette reporter Victoria Bull

Gazette reporter Victoria Bull

Even with an animated facade as Genie in Disney’s Aladdin, there’s no mistaking Williams’ vibrancy and inimitable talent for voicework. Indeed, his frenetic, often ad-libbed performance as Adrian Cronauer in ‘GOOOD MORNIIIIING VIETNAAAM’ shows it was not just the award-winning scripts passed to him which made him a legend of the screen, it was the way he completely owned his parts.


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