That’s an unusual alarm clock! Escaped peacock is a rather anti-social neighbour

Potten End peacock. Picture by Shirley King

Potten End peacock. Picture by Shirley King


Have you, or has anyone you know, misplaced a peacock recently?

The rogue bird has fallen fowl of the Potten End community after making a roost on the roof of a home in Little Heath Lane, and is a rather anti-social neighbour who screeches loudly from 5am most mornings.

The pesky peacock is thought to be lost or escaped and has been flying solo in the area for a few weeks.

Shirley King, who lives in the road, said: “We’d like to find the owner of a peacock which for the last few weeks has been strutting through the woods at Potten End and making his overnight roost on the roof of Tall Trees in Little Heath Lane. He’s a rather fine specimen.

“He wakes us early with his loud screeching from about 5am, perhaps asserting his territorial rights and/or unsuccessfully seeking a mate.

“We’ve lived here for more than thirty years and not come across one before.

“We first spotted him in Little Heath Woods, and after that he took to roosting overnight on the roof next door which he’s done ever since.”

Could the peacock be yours? Contact Victoria Bull on 07803 505591 or victoria.bull@jpress.co.uk if so.




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