‘Sick yobbos trashed our graveyard,’ says chairman of Potten End Parish Council

Some of the floral tributes at Potten End Burial Ground, Hempstead Lane

Some of the floral tributes at Potten End Burial Ground, Hempstead Lane

The chairman of Potten End Parish Council has blasted the ‘sick yobbos’ who trashed tributes left by relatives 
beside the graves of their dead loved ones.

Simon Barnard spoke out after a widow discovered the mess while visiting the grave of her recently deceased husband.

He said: “We assume a yobbo – or a group of yobbos – threw around and destroyed all of the floral tributes people have put on the graves.

“They threw around all the vases and flowers and made a real mess.”

Pieces of the shattered containers were left strewn across the graveyard to be discovered by the relatives of people who are buried there.

Mr Barnard suggested bored children could be behind the damage - which was caused shortly after the Easter holidays began on the night of Monday, April 14.

But he said there was no evidence to back this up.

He said: “I would imagine you need to be pretty sick to do something like they did.”

The widow who discovered the mess at Potten End Burial Ground in Hempstead Lane was left to clean it up herself with three others.

Herts Police said it sent a PCSO to investigate what had happened but that there is ‘no evidence to suggest a crime has taken place’.

Parish councillor Mike Wallis said that although the damage may have been caused by an animal, it was ‘disappointing’ that the damage had not been logged as a crime.

Parish councillor Stephanie Bramham, who helped tidy it up, said: “No severe damage was caused, but almost every floral tribute or grave decoration was destroyed or interfered with.”

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