Budding ornithologist discovers birds of a feather flock together

Great Spotted Woodpecker. Photo: Holly Nethercoat

Great Spotted Woodpecker. Photo: Holly Nethercoat

An 11-year-old birdwatcher has been flying high since discovering not one, but two Great Spotted Woodpeckers have made a home of her Hemel Hempstead garden.

Holly Nethercoat named the pretty pair Woody and Wendy, and even got some super snaps of them, too.

She said: “The female woodpecker lands almost daily on the peanuts and a fat block to have its breakfast. Me, my dad and my sister Emma see her often in the mornings and when the woodpecker used to come rarely, it was scared and spooked by very small movement. Now it has become more used to us being around.

“About a week or so ago, my dad realised, after looking at some pictures of the woodpecker, that we had been seeing two different woodpeckers – an adult female Great Spotted Woodpecker and a juvenile, or teenager.

“This came to my surprise because seeing one is amazing, but seeing two, wow! It also means that there might be a nest nearby.”

Budding ornithologist Holly explained her family’s garden is a haven for all kinds of birds, ranging from Blue Tits to chaffinches, and even a red kite.

She said: “I am a member of the RSPB and I enjoy getting involved with birds and wildlife and other exciting things. I love to explore and figure out new things.”




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