Man needs hospital treatment after dog attack in Bennetts End

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A MAN needed hospital treatment after he and his pet dog were attacked by a bull mastiff in Bennetts End.

John Baxter, of Ash Grove in Hemel Hempstead, was walking his bitch German shepherd Kaz in Coronation Fields this morning when the mastiff went for her.

John, 68, first attempted to kick the dog away and then tried to prise its jaws from Kaz, leaving him with bites and deep gashes to his hand that may need surgery.

A neighbour took him to hospital and he plans to take Kaz to the vet.

He said: “It was an awful experience.

“If this had been a child they would have been dead.”

A Herts police spokesman says they are investigating.

“We were called at 10am following reports that this man’s dog was attacked at Coronation Fields by a mastiff-type dog,” she said.