It’s exam time already for Daniel after ditch fall drama left him with serious leg injuries

Ditch fall victim Daniel Cutmore with his rescuers Ella Gardener and Katie Miller, all 14
Ditch fall victim Daniel Cutmore with his rescuers Ella Gardener and Katie Miller, all 14

A teenager who sustained car crash-like injuries after falling down a ditch is sitting his first GCSE exams little more than a week after the ordeal.

Daniel Cutmore, of Potten End, shattered his femur – or thigh bone – when running through the trench near Aldbury after the village’s May Day fair last Monday.

The accident sparked a complex rescue operation as the region’s hazardous area response team were needed to extract the 14 year old from the 15ft-deep pit, before he was taken to Watford General Hospital.

His mum Melanie Hemmings, who runs the Martins Pond pub in their village, said: “It was so traumatic. We were told that normally being a hit by a car travelling at 50 to 60 miles an hour would cause that kind of injury.

“He was with close friends who phoned the ambulance and me, and they are only 14.

“I knew there was something seriously wrong with him to be as bad as he was, because he’s such a brave lad.”

Daniel has since had pins placed in his leg, but, even as school holidays reach ever closer, exams are the only thing on the conscientious pupil’s mind.

Today, Daniel’s head of year at Ashlyns School is due to invigilate his first GCSE, in biology, at his home as he is unable to get to school.

And to make the achievement even more impressive, Daniel is even taking the exam – and several others – a whole year early.

Melanie says she would like to thank the school and medical staff for helping Daniel through the trauma. She said: “The entire team, from paramedics through to his physio, were amazing, supportive and encouraging. I went through probably the worst few days of my life as Daniel is my only child, and they all made all our lives so much easier at such a stressful time.”