Election results 2007

Jubilant Conservative councillors are celebrating a landslide victory across Dacorum.

The Conservatives have won 44 seats out of a total of 51 in the borough.

The Liberal Democrats have become the official opposition with five seats and Labour won just two.

Of the overall vote, the Conservatives won 53 per cent, with the Liberal Democrats on 22 per cent and Labour on 19 per cent.

Previously, the make up of Dacorum Borough Council was Conservatives 31 seats, Labour 14 and Lib Dems seven.

Council leader Andrew Williams said: "The scale of the victory is surprising.

"Undoubtedly, the national picture has played into it, as well as the hospital."

Liberal Democrat leader Denise Rance said she was delighted with the result.

"We are now the official opposition," she said.

But she added: "The Tories now have an incredibly large party group.

"I just hope they are fair in the way they approach things now."

The Labour group did not wish to comment on the result at this stage.

The results of the 2007 local government election are as follows:

Gadebridge: Conservative (new ward) - Jai Restall (Cons) and Roger Taylor (Cons), turnout 34 per cent (of 4,019)

Leverstock Green: Conservative (hold) - Hazel Bassadone (Cons), Margaret Griffiths (Cons) and Graham Sutton (Cons), turnout 36.5 per cent (of 6,803)

Watling: Conservative (new ward) - Herbert Chapman (Cons) and David Lloyd (Cons), turnout 36.1 per cent (of 4,158)

Tring Central: Liberal Democrat (new ward) - Denise Rance (Lib Dem) and Nick Hollinghurst (Lib Dem), turnout 40.8 per cent (of 4,076)

Woodhall Farm: Conservative (hold) - Stephen Holmes (Cons) and Colette Wyatt-Lowe (Cons), turnout 29 per cent (of 4,233)

Hemel Hempstead Town: Labour/Conservative (new ward) - Michael Moore (Lab) and Robert Wright (Cons), turnout 28.9 per cent (of 3,751)

Berkhamsted Castle: Conservative (gain) - Andrew Fairburn (Cons) and Jonathan Mole (Cons), turnout 39.6 per cent, turnout 39.6 per cent(of 4,628)

Berkhamsted West: Conservative (hold) - Carol Green (Cons) and Ian Reay (Cons), turnout 38.4 per cent (of 4,206)

Northchurch: Conservative (hold) - Alan Fantham (Cons), turnout 41.1 per cent (2,192)

Bennetts End: Conservative (gain) - Michelle Lancaster (Cons) and Suqlain Mahmood (Cons), turnout 35 per cent (of 4,450)

Ashridge: Conservative (hold) - Nicholas Tiley (Cons), turnout 49.4 per cent (of 2,140)

Aldbury and Wigginton: Conservative (new ward) - Mike Edwards (Cons), turnout 44 per cent (of 2,140)

Nash Mills: Conservative (hold) - Lucy Foster (Cons), turnout 37.3 per cent (of 2,110)

Highfield: Liberal Democrat (new ward) - Lloyd Harris (Lib Dem) and Brenda Link (Lib Dem), turnout 37.5 per cent (of 4,050)

Tring West and Rural: Liberal Democrat/Conservative - Christopher Townsend (Lib Dem) and Derek Townsend (Cons), turnout 46.5 per cent (of 4,125)

Tring East: Conservative (new ward) - Penelope Hearn (Cons), turnout 46.6 per cent (of 2,195)

Kings Langley: Conservative (new ward) - Alan Anderson (Cons) and Bob Mclean (Cons), turnout 43.47 per cent (of 3,963)

Grovehill: Conservative (gain) - Alexander Bhinder (Cons), Terence Douris (Cons) and Ann Ryan (Cons), turnout 32 per cent (of 5,826)

Berkhamsted East: Conservative (gain) - Stephen Bateman (Cons) and Julie Laws (Cons), turnout 38 per cent (of 4,438)

Apsley and Corner Hall: Conservative (new ward) - Brain Ayling (Cons), Michael Clark (Cons) and Colin Peter (Cons), turnout 31 per cent (of 6,113)

Adeyfield East: Conservative (new ward) - Allan Lawson (Cons) and William Wyatt-Lowe (Cons), turnout 35.3 per cent (of 3,875)

Bovingdon, Flaunden and Chipperfield: Conservative (new ward) - Gbola Adeleke (Cons), Gill Chapman (Cons) and Richard Roberts (Cons), turnout 39.6 per cent (of 6,377)

Boxmoor: Conservative (new ward) - Neil Harden (Cons), Janice Marshall (Cons) and Andrew Williams (Cons), turnout 32 per cent (of 6,129)

Adeyfield West: Labour/Conservative (new ward) - Keith White (Lab) and Keith Reid (Cons), turnout 30.7 per cent (of 4,078)

Chaulden and Warners End: Conservative - Fiona Guest (Cons), John Whitman (Cons) and Janice Speaight (Cons), turnout 39.5 per cent (of 6,802)

Results from all wards in the borough have now been announced.