More than £5,000 worth of damage done to sports car by foul-mouthed vandals

This BMW Z4 was keyed in Cowper Road, Boxmoor

This BMW Z4 was keyed in Cowper Road, Boxmoor


Police are unable to find the vandals who caused more than £5,000 worth of damage to a BMW Z4 sports car.

Scribble, illegible scrawl, insults and swear words were keyed into the red vehicle on its bonnet, door and roof after it was left in Cowper Road, Boxmoor.

The vandals targeted the BMW Z4 – a model that costs £29.485 or more to buy new – late last month.

Owner Jen Jukes discovered the damage at about 8.15am on Tuesday, July 15, after leaving her car there at about 7pm the night before.

She said: “I reported the crime to the police – who sadly are not able to do anything.

“It seems to me that society is sinking further and further – while less and less is being done by authorities and much less by parents and schools.

“What does our council tax do to maintain law and order?”

But police say they have checked CCTV, spoke to people who live nearby and carried out forensic checks to see what they could find.

Spokesman Giles Cooper said: “We have fully investigated and at this stage there are no further lines of investigation.”

If you have any information that could help police find the people behind the vandalism, phone their non-emergency number 101 and quote crime reference D1/14/4195.




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