Duped victims speak out about Herts phone scam

Elderly and vulnerable people are targeted by the phone scam.

Elderly and vulnerable people are targeted by the phone scam.

Angry elderly victims of a relentless phone fraud scam have spoken of their ordeal in a bid to prevent others in Herts getting duped out of money.

The couple, who wish to be known as Jean and Alfred, received calls from con artists masquerading as police officers and bank officials, and convinced them to hand over a large sum of money to a phoney ‘courier’. Jean said: “I was so angry at myself for falling for the scam, but they’re so convincing and very good at what they do.

“The pressure was too much, that’s why I gave in. I want everyone to know what happened so no-one else becomes a victim.”

Det Insp Jason Keane, said: “This was a very difficult thing for these victims to talk about and it left them feeling embarrassed and devastated.

“I am grateful to them for coming forward as they are helping to raise awareness around a crime that has such a serious impact.”

Incidents of this type of crime spiked to 104 in Herts during March alone.

Call 101 if you receive a suspicious call, and never reveal bank cards or details.




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