Biker driven potty by ‘dangerous’ junction in need of road resurfacing

Junction between Queensway and Great Road, Hemel Hempstead.

Junction between Queensway and Great Road, Hemel Hempstead.

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A motorcyclist has spoken of his frustration at a ‘dangerous’ stretch of road which has not been resurfaced despite his frequent reporting of it as a highways fault.

Gareth Hall has written to county road contractor Ringway to request that the area on Queensway – where a clutch of cavernous potholes affect vehicles turning right into Great Road – be repaired.

Since his complaints the road has remained full of craters, but the adjoining footpath has been resurfaced. He said: “I walk this path often and compared to the road it was perfection in comparison.

“This is not a safe road, especially on two wheels. I won’t ride my bike through that piece of road any more due to the fear of being thrown off.”

Ringway divisional manager Matthew Kelley said: “We have been carrying out temporary repairs to maintain the road and it is under consideration for future works in the next financial year.”

He added the nearby pavement resurfacing was undertaken by Herts County Council and was not part of Ringway’s maintenance contract.